MC8 expression midi cc issue

I have a problem. If i use the mc8 expression pedal to control the cutoff frequency of the synthesizer(s), things don’t go smoothly. The same expression pedal (boss ev30, m-audio exp.) works perfectly with SY-1000, the cutoff frequency goes up nicely.
I can also see on the MC8 display that “EXP:%” is going up in chunks, 2-4-7-9-12-14-16… On the recording (Google drive link) you can hear first with SY-1000, then mc8.
I tried all 4 in (calibrated) , i have 4 expression pedals, the same thing happens to all of them.
The expression pedal sends 2 midi ccs simultaneously. cc69 and 80 (Waldorf Blofeld) or cc40, 41 (Virus ti2). the same happens with both synthesizers
3.8.4 Firmware

Have replied your email but I’ll just include the reply here as well.

Do check out the Exp sensitivity for this. Increasing the sensitivity will make the sweep smoother.

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Thank You,
Afternoon i try.