MC8 Expression Causing Unusual Activity on the Sunset

I’m having a strange issue on my mc8 and controlling my the volume Midi command of the Sunset. I initially thought it was firmware related but have since reverted back with no luck. I have an expression pedal plugged into an omni port that controls the “volume pedal” setting of a Strymon Sunset. This has worked flawlessly but recently (I thought it was after a firmware update) it’s randomly engaging side B, changing parameters, and other things when using the expression pedal. It seems to be very finicky as in it will happen sometimes but not all the time.

I can tilt the expression pedal up and down while in the midi monitor tab and the only commands I see sent is the proper one for the volume pedal midi setting for the Sunset which is 7.

This has worked for years and the only thing that has changed is the firmware of the mc8, but again I reverted back to see if that would fix the issue and it did not.

Any ideas?

It’s just a little frustrating because everything had been a so cut and dry before now and worked as expected.

is the MC8 connected directly to the Sunset or does the MIDI message pass through other pedals?

It’s connected directly to an omniport.

Thanks - have you tried a different TRS cable and see if you can replicate the issue? How about a different omniport ?

A different cable didn’t make a difference but it seems using a different omniport did. I’m not sure how that makes sense but I can no longer reproduce the same issue.

Alright, this really doesn’t make sense to me now. I started using OmniPort 1 and it was working as expected. If I switched back to OmniPort 4 it would instantly start doing the same thing where it would randomly change parameters and engage side B. I went in and checked the OmniPort configuration on 1 vs 4 and 1 looked like it was on unassigned from a previous update. It just said OmniPort without a designation. I thought to myself, lets reset all of the OmniPorts to default and see what that is. Default setting on the newer firmware’s is Disabled. So I set the ports to the proper setting and now it’s working in both 1 and 4.

For now, I can’t get it to mess up in any OmniPort with the proper configuration. I’m not sure what was going on but I really wish I had a definitive answer. Also, for good measure I updated to the latest .14 firmware.

I thought everything seemed to be resolved but now it seems the expression pedal is doing things to my warped vinyl which is midi ring. It’s the same type of behavior that was happening to my sunset but now to my warped vinyl. Again with no midi channels changed or anything like that. My mind is starting to look for options that bypass the mc8 as I can’t just hope it works…

The thing with the Chase Bliss pedals is that some models seem to require the Tip be completely left floating (not connected to anything) if not it will cause some weird behaviours. When the Omniport is set to Ring active, the Tip is set to a high-impedance mode while data is sent from the Ring.

If you can modify the cable, can you try disconnecting the tip and see if it resolves your issue? If you have a TRS splitter cable, you can achieve the same effect by connecting the TRS plug on the splitter cable to the Chase Bliss MIDI Input, and then the Ring portion of the split end to the Omniport and then set the Omniport to Tip active. This will send data on the Tip from the Omniport which will reach the Ring on the Chase Bliss.

Or, try limiting the MIDI messages the Chase Bliss is receiving by using the Output Port feature under Controller Settings >> Edit MIDI Channel Settings, such that the Chase Bliss will only receive MIDI messages when it is sent on it’s MIDI channel.

Here’s an example where Omniport 2 will send MIDI when the controller is sending MIDI messages on Channel 3. If you send a MIDI message on Channel 4, Omniport 2 will not send anything.

I have been using with success the above trick of limiting the Omniport, having the same problems on the Chase Bliss Spectre. This is a super useful feature, James.

Note that the Omniport associated to the Chase Bliss must be unticked on ALL other channels, otherwise some midi junk will still hit the pedal.

Good ideas for sure! Thanks!

I’m still very bewildered as to why I was having issues with my Sunset. Sometimes it’s one of those things where you try one thing at first to try to narrow the issue down but then you start trying everything at once just to fix the issue. If the issue goes away you’re glad it’s fixed but not sure what it was lol

Okay, so now it seems my expression is not causing any issues but when I press one of the footswitches that recalls a preset, maybe once every other gig it engages side b on the sunset.

I can’t seem to replicate it since it’s so infrequent but when it happens it wrecks lead lines and in more quiet moments can make it seem like I did something dumb lol