MC8 - expression behavior when selecting a preset in a different bank

Not sure if this is a bug, but my expectation is that if I set Bank 10, preset A to trigger preset B in Bank 1 - I would think that preset B from Bank 1 would behave as it does when accessing it from it’s native home. What I’m experiencing is that expression control is still tied to bank where I’m calling the preset from.

My hope was to use the banks as a way to manage expression settings and by calling presets from different banks, have the ability to toggle what the expression pedal is doing.

Is this working as expected? If so, I can come up with work arounds, but ideally I’d love to be able to call a preset in a different bank and have it act exactly as it does when called from it’s native bank.

are you referring to the “Engage Preset” message type? That function executes the selected preset in the same/different bank. It has nothing to do with the expression presets though.

The expression presets are tied to the current bank that you are on, and it’s not possible to use the expression preset in Bank 1 while you are in Bank 10.

If you want to vary what your expression preset is sending in a particular bank, I think the only option would be to use the “Select Exp Msg” message type in a preset, which lets you set what message(s) are active in the expression preset. E.g. you can press Preset A which then makes Msg 1, 2 and 3 in the Expression Preset 1 active, so only the CC exp messages in Msg 1, 2 and 3 are sent out. And then Preset B for Msg 4, 5 and 6, so pressing Preset B will let you send out different exp CC values.


I’m ultimately looking for a way to have the expression pedal be tied to the preset I select. I thought a creative way to accomplish that would be to reference another bank since you set the expression at the bank level.

So you are saying that when I set the bank level expression, I should set “Msg 1” “Msg 2” and “Msg 3” … and then reference those Msg’s in the preset? I am not all that familiar with the Msg function…there are a few commands (like that one) that I haven’t explored. Where is the best place to read about all the different commands and what they do?

You can find more info here:

What I was referring to is the Select Exp Message, which allows you to determine which of the 16 messages in the expression preset to send.

So, you can have your Preset A select only Msg 1 and 2 in the Expression 1 preset:

When you engage that, only Msg1 and 2 in the Exp preset will be used. That means, for the Exp preset in the image below, only CC#1 and CC#2 will be sent

Then in your Preset B, you can have Msg 3&4 selected so only CC#3 and CC#4 will be sent when you engage Preset B.

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Thank you SO MUCH for the explanation. I’ll give it a try, I believe this will help me accomplish my goals!!!

I really do love this product so much, you guys are doing a fantastic job!

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When using this method, would all expression messages be sent (when using the expression pedal of course) when entering the bank, only utilizing specific “messages” when activated on a specific preset within the bank?

I am trying to use expression to control the volume on my Chase Bliss Preamp MKii but since each preset on the Preamp uses a different volume CC value, I would need to change to CC Max Value based on what preset I am using.

EDIT: I just realized that I can edit the “enter bank” settings to choose which of the 16 expression presets to have on, that basically solves my problem.

Its amazing how much you can do with this unit if you dont mind problem solving a bit.


Got a chance to play around with this and my mind is blown. This is phenomenal and really opens up my entire board. With the click of a button I can switch which knob I’m twisting via MIDI, literally knob tweak while I play. Not to mention the possibilities of multiple parameter changes on different scales. WOW!!!