MC8 - Disable Bank Up/Down

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the Bank Up / Down feature - I have all I need setup in one bank, and I don’t want to accidentally step on the bank up/ down buttons when playing live, and leave the bank I’m on. Many thanks in advance.

Blimey! A whole MC8 using only one bank!

Anyway: controller settings menu…

Lock dual switch presses - DualLock

When the dual lock setting is turned on, dual switch press functions like Bank Down, Bank Up and Toggle Page will be disabled.

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Thank you so much, I couldn’t find the answer in the manual - probably looking in the wrong section! I’m a guitarist and use the Fractal Fm3 which has 8 scenes per preset, so whilst I understand I’m only ulilizing a fraction of what the MC8 can do, it does exactly what I need it to do simply. A couple of times at rehearsals I’ve accidentally banked up and it’s something I don’t want or need it to do in a live situation. Once again - many thanks. Colin


No worries! Worth noting that, if you do need more banks in future, you can leave the dual press function off and instead program one of the switches with a bank jump function on top of your usual actions. Something like Long Press Release or whatever.

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Many thanks - I can see that I may use that function in the future - great advice.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry to dig up this topic, I think I’ve missed something :
Like Sunburst57 I’d like to lock on a bank for safety (I use one bank for one band, so I don’t change bank in a show), but when I choose DualLock the device reboot and load Bank #1, so I’m stuck in Bank #1.
Is it possible to be locked in Bank #3 (for example) ?

In global settings you can choose Load last used bank on power up : Enabling this option will allow the controller to load your last used bank when it is powered up. If it’s off, bank 1 loads at power up.

That might help. Else, add a bank jump to a preset in each bank. I do this on every F and L preset on my MC6 (see messages 4 & 5):

In place of bank jump, you could use bank change mode which lets you scroll all banks. I have an external switch attached to my MC6 which gives me bank change mode as well

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Thanks for the good ideas !!!