MC8 Desktop Editor + Current Alpha Firmware inconsistencies

Hi, first time posting, and I’ve used this amazing forum a few times to help gain answers.

I’m just starting to use a MC8 I recently acquired, and I’m noticing an issue that was solved in a different post ( Editor: Select Preset Dropdown ) is what I’m experiencing. No problem, got Chrome and it’s working for now in the online editor.

The issue is - the online editor is noting that I’m running a version behind with 3.9.7, and that I should consider updating to 3.9.8. In this post ( [Beta release] Firmware v3.9.8 ), it appears that 3.9.8 is still beta, and when I updated to 3.9.8, it would (obviously, as mentioned in earlier sections here) not recognize the device in the Desktop editor at all.

It also appears the answer is not to revert to an even earlier firmware like 3.9.6. I really just want to have some functionality with the Desktop editor, and doubt I’d need any of the newer features at the moment. Is there any other “best” option than running the editor from Chrome?

For the beta firmwares, you’ll need to use the staging editor that is only available in the web editor:

If it is prompting you to use v3.9.8, it sounds like you’re using the staging editor? v3.9.7 is the latest stable firmware, and can be accessed with the production editor here:

Hi James, thanks for the quick response!

As I was going to respond about what I was finding to function, I realized that I’d checked the desktop editor previously for a newer version (there was one), installed it, but apparently re-opened the older version, ~1.1.5. Turns out the latest version of desktop editor with the latest stable firmware is indeed working.

I’ll be deleting the old version of desktop editor with haste lol. Thank you for always being so helpful with your responses on here, this place is a goldmine. Cheers!