MC8 Crashing Regularly

Coincidently, since recently implementing the expression over midi (in via TRS cable from a Boss Ev-30), the MC8 has started crashing regularly. There are times it jumps to a random, but predefined bank and crashes but it doesn’t always bank jump. The only other new implementation is midi out to the H90. All midi signals go out of the MC8 to a midi splitter, which is pre-existing routing and no other signal come into the MC8.

I’ll try a backup, reset and restore but find it odd it would suddenly exhibit this behaviour.

I assume you’re bringing the EV-30 into an omniport and have that omniport configured to receive from an expression pedal, not TRS midi. The EV-30 doesn’t send MIDI.

Is it possible to replicate this issue easily? If so, can you share a video of this so I can better understand the problem? Is this the stable firmware v3.11.1, or one of the beta test firmwares?


Hi James, frustratingly, it’s a sporadic crash that I can’t recreate independently. I’m using the stable v3.11.1 firmware.

Omniport 1 is configured and calibrated for an expression pedal.

I’ve reinstalled firmware 3.11.1 and re-loaded the presets. Will see how that goes.

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The device crashed/froze a couple of times but I made what appears to be an incidental change and it’s not done it since. I had ‘set toggle on entry’ but found it not useful for my purposes and removed it.

No issues since then.

There are some scenarios where engaging preset might cause the controller to hang. For example, an obvious one would be using a preset to engage another preset which engages the original preset.

If it hangs on a Set Toggle message type, it might be a bug. If you are able to replicate the issue, please send me the backup file so I can try to replicate and see what might be the problem. Thanks!

Thanks James. It’s can’t be consistently replicated or I’d record it. The toggle was selecting a standard button press which at point of selection purely calls it’s own messages. Thinking about it, on entry does also send other messages which might cause disruption but only in timing of messages sent. I don’t recall them setting any other settings. I’ll check later when I’m home.