MC8 Controller Backup Stuck on M1 OS 12.5.1 FIX

I have an MC8. I am updating and went to backup (on Chrome, with correct editor for my version). The backup kept getting stuck (M1 Macbook Pro 2021 12.5.1 Monetary ). I switched to another computer (Mac Mini Intel 12.3.1) and was able to backup successfully.

Not sure if its an M1 vs Intel, or OS version, or something else. Just wanted to share in case anyone else has this issue.

Thanks for the information.

It shouldn’t be related to the OS. In both instances, was the MC8 connected directly to the computer, or using the same USB hub?

We have not upgraded our Macs to the M1 chips yet but we’ll get our hands on one soon to test!

Hi James :wave:t2:

I used a little single usb-A to usb-C adapter (not a hub) on both tries. Same one I’ve used with the mc8 for the past year with no issues.

I tried everything with my 2021 MacBook with no luck. The probability of it being user error on my part is high.

Once I upgraded (with the other computer) everything was fine. :man_shrugging:t3: