MC8: Button D switches bank randomly

Hi! Button D on my MC8 switches banks randomly. I have it programmed to “track 2 play/stop” on my RC-500, but every now and then it’ll just switch banks and then I lose access to all the programming from the bank I was on until I bank back. Also, I have the MC-8 set in looper mode for low latency which should make it impossible to switch banks anyway, unless I have a button programmed to do that, which I don’t… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have anything connected to the MIDI IN port on your MC8?

No, I am connected to the boss on Omni port one. It’s the only device connected.

Can you download the bank data for that affected bank and share it here? I’ll load it into my controller to check.

Yes! Thanks for the assist James…preset_A_data (1).json (2.2 KB)

Sorry I just realized it only saved preset A… Here is the one that’s causing the issue.

Is there a way to export the entire bank? Do you need that for testing?

preset_D_data.json (2.2 KB)

Ah I Found it… Here is the bank downloadMorningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_File.syx (10.2 KB)