MC8 button as expression?

Hey everyone! This is my first post, and I’m just diving into my MC8, so I hope this isn’t a dumb question.

Is it possible to program one of the buttons on the MC8 to act as expression via CC? It would be great to forego an expression pedal and instead program the MC8 to do something similar to the button expression on the Digitech Whammy Ricochet, seen here:

Same thing with my Jackson Audio Bloom: the Bloom has a boost circuit that can be turned on by simply pressing the switch, or it can gradually increase the gain into the full boost by pressing and holding the switch. The speed at which it ramps up the gain can be changed from 1 second to 5 seconds and anywhere in between.

Can something like this be assigned to the MC8 for control changes?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your time everyone!

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The hold switch function of the Bloom can’t be directly assigned to a midi function.
There is only…

  1. Boost On/Off - CC#3 (127 = On / 0 = Off)
  2. midiBoost On/Off - CC#4 (127 = On / 0 = Off) (determines what has control over the boost level; midi or the bloom knob on the pedal)
  3. midiboost expression - CC #5 (value of 0-127)

You might can figure out something with 2 separate commands using the CC Waveform Generator midi type to ramp up the CC#5 boost value while you are doing a Press action and then to ramp it down when you Release on the footswitch.

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Sounds like a great use for the Waveform Generator!

I experimented a little with my Bloom to add this…here is what I used…

and this in my settings to set up the engines to ramp up and down…

MSG1 is to activate it so the Bloom is accepting midi expression instead of the footswitch on the Bloom controlling it.

*edit I tested it and it works just fine…pressing and holding the footswitch ramped up the boost and releasing it ramped it down (both over a 5 second interval). You can change the value of 127 in the engines to something a lot lower instead of going to the max boost the pedal allows.


Thanks, jmay! I’m going to try this with mine!

Here’s a similar question: could this be done with anything else? It seems like, judging from your picture, I could, for example, program the MC8 so that when I step on a switch, the “Repeats” on my Strymon Timeline would gradually increase to 100% over the course of a few seconds, depending on how I set the “cycles per minute” in the waveform generator. Is that accurate?

Yes. The Timeline CC for Repeats across all models is CC#9 Value 0-127. It seems pretty versatile with what you can use it on.
That Bloom program is actually the first time I have ever used the waveform generator and then a few minutes later I decided to just use the switch on the Bloom instead. I’ll find a good use for it someday.

So helpful. Thank you brother. I love endless possibilities :slight_smile: