MC8 + Boss RC600 + iPad with iRig Midi

Sorry if this is out-of-place, but you MIDI wizards can hopefully help me out.

I’m using an MC8 with the new Boss RC600 looper. It’s a great combo, and everything works really well, including having the two devices “synced”, so when I pull up a Memory Slot on the Boss, the MC8 is in its corresponding bank with all the custom switches for that song, etc. All good. I’m a MIDI newbie, but I’ve got it pretty well figured out.

I’m trying to add an iRig MIDI 2 interface, so if I pull up a specific lyric sheet on my iPad, it triggers the Boss and MC8 to go to that memory slot/bank. I can get that working, but then I lose communication between the MC8 and the Boss; I can’t control the looper with the MC8 anymore.

If I change wiring and regain control, I lose the patch-changing.

It’s like I can only do one or the other?

Both the Boss and MC8 have MIDI in and out ports. The iRig device has In, Out, and Thru.

I swear I’ve tried every wiring config I can think of and I can’t get this thing to work.


To follow up on my own topic:

I returned the iRig and bought a USB (“B” style; “printer cable” it’s commonly called) to Lightning cable and it works perfectly. My iPad now makes the patch changes without any interruption in MIDI functionality, and it was $10 vs. the $70 iRig.

Mods can feel free to delete this whole topic if you like!

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