MC8 blinking lights with Helix HXFX

I post this topic on the Line 6 forums as I think its due to their product but any suggestions are welcome.

So a while back I purchased the HX FX and a Morningstar MC8. I was never able to do basic PC changes to the MC8 from the HX FX. So I kind of gave up on it. Not knowing if it was Line6 or MC8 that was having trouble. I can use the MC8 to send changes to the HX FX but I can’t change any of the programs on the MC8 from the HXFX. So I gave it another go tonight and was able to make some PC changes to the MC8 but immediately the HXFX and the MC8 start blinking all there preset lights. I have to turn of the Line 6 HX FX to quit this action. I’m beginning to think that the line 6 unit is defective in some capacity. I’m able to do PC messages to my amp from the HXFX but not to the Morning star. I even have a VooDoo labs control switcher that both units can make changes to. So I’m at a lost to solve this problem.

Has anyone had this blinking light issue? It’s like I’m almost there but something isn’t computing just right. Last resort would be to do a full factory reset. I purchased the unit at Guitar Center but the box was already opened once, even though it came from the backroom.

Sounds like you might be connecting the MC8 out to the HXFX, and then the HXFX back to the MC8. Sending a MIDI message in this config will cause a MIDI Loop where the messages are just sent continuously between both devices. Is that how it was set up?

Correct, I thought that since I have Midi ch.1 for the guitar amp. Midi ch.2 for the HXFX and Midi ch.3 for the MC8 that this wouldn’t happen.

I originally bought the MC8 because I saw how people were able to sync the HX Stomp so seamlessly with the MC8 by sharing the same midi channel. Like both units on channel 2, then when you step on the Stomp preset, the MC8 automatically changed to a different Bank. No matter what I tried this didn’t work. So I tried the different Midi channel mode instead without success. I thought this would be pretty straight forward.

You’ll need to turn MIDI Thru off on the MC8 so that it won’t pass the messages through. It is in the Controller Settings.

Just got home turned it off and it worked. Thanks james. Off hand, do I need to turn off Midi thru on my Helix HX effects?


If you intend to pass MIDI messages back to the MC8, then leave it on. For example (but probably unlikely), maybe if you have both the HXFX and MC8 on channel 1, and when you send a PC#0 message from the MC8, you want to change the patch on the HXFX and also change the MC8 to Bank 1.

If not, turning off the MIDI Thru on the HXFX works too - it just means that whatever message is sent to the HXFX will not be passed thru to whatever device is connected to the MIDI OUT port.