[MC8] Axe-FX 3 scene synchronization when changing presets on the AXE

I’ve successfully setup the Axe-Fx 3 integration, but when I’m in scene integration mode and change preset to another one on the Axe itself, the MC8 stays frozen on the previous preset… is this a know issue or a configuration issue?

Ways to reproduce:

  1. Connect as outlined in
  2. Configure MC8 switch for Fractal Integration / Scene select
  3. Hit said switch (result: scene names for current preset show)
  4. Change preset on Axe-Fx
    Expected result: MC8 updates to new scene names
    Actual result;: MC8 still showing scene names from previous preset

Edited to add: the Axe-Fx 3 is configured to send PCs on program change, which wasn’t the default, but is enabled in my setup. Despite this, the MC8 does not seem to update the scenes


The Fractal integration brings up a specific menu which pulls the list of presets from the AxeFX based on the starting preset number specified. When the preset is selected on the MC8, the MC8 will then pull the list of scene names based on the selected preset.

When you change the preset on the AxeFX itself, it does not push any information to the MC8, neither does the MC8 know that the AxeFX changed preset. It’s not designed to work this way.

As I mentioned, the Axe-Fx is configured to send a PC on preset change, so that’s not entirely true… it pushed information that something changed.

Well, again for clarity: the following works (note that I never do anything with presets):

  1. Configure MC8 switch for Fractal Integration / Scene select
  2. Hit said switch (result: scene names for current preset show)
  3. Change preset on Axe-Fx
  4. Hit exit
  5. Hit said switch again (result: scene names for current preset shows)

So the only missing piece is that if the MC8 is in preset mode, that it would rerun the “read out scene names” if it received a PC


retriggering the scene names when a PC message is received should be doable. Currently it does not refresh - i can check this in the next update


Awesome thanks a lot James!

I’ve implemented it already - you can test it in this attached firmware. If you do give it a go, please let me know how it works for you, thanks!

Fractal_Test_2022-02-04_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_7.hex (558.6 KB)

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the firmware does not restart and hangs .
Reinstalled the previous and everything returned to normal.

It worked on my MC8, not restart/hanging! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround time!

Question: would it be possible to move the “(exit)” functionality to a long press (or external button if present) to allow selecting all 8 scenes?

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Mine is Mc6 MKII, maybe that’s why i failed.