MC8 - Aux Switch (EXT) *Output*?

I am considering purchasing an MC8 in the hope of using it to control both MIDI devices and non-MIDI devices via their Aux switch (EXT) inputs (for example a BeatBuddy or EHX Superego+) utilising the jacks on the rear of the MC8.

However I’ve just checked the manual and it looks as if the 4x jacks on the rear can only be used as “Expression Pedal inputs, Aux Switch inputs or MIDI outputs.” but NOT “Aux switch outputs”

Is this correct (this is unfortunately a deal breaker for me)? And if not, is there any plan to implement something like this (It seems like something that might be quite easy to do, the switching circuits are about as basic as they get)

Beatbuddy is a Midi device.

The omniports do not do switching. You can use something like this: