MC8 as a looper within Ableton

I am now trying to set up the MC8 as a looper within Ableton:

  1. Should I use looper mode?

  2. I am trying to use looper mode based on one of your videos but after I set it up and push the H button like it says in the video Looper Mode - For Latency Free Control - YouTube it does not go to looper mode. I set it for toggle but the software no longer looks like it does in the video. What am I doing wrong?

  1. Yes, Looper mode is recommended if controlling looper functions. This will reduce the switch latency (to when the MIDI messages are sent) to an absolute minimum, which is essential for controller time-sensitive functions. This is at the expense of being able to execute dual switch functions. More info here:

  2. It is likely because you are connected to the editor. Exiting editor mode should resolve this. More info here:

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Thanks, yes the problem was I was connected to the editor.
In the video it appears that looper mode already has play, record, overdub etc. programed in but it does not show up that way by me. I assume I will need to program that in myself. Is that correct?

Yes that is correct, you will need to program each switch to do what you need.