MC8 appears in editor, but not in firmware updater

Hey everyone,

I am SUPER new to MIDI and trying to figure all of it out. I received my MC8 yesterday and struggled for a while last night trying to get it to work. I am using the MC8 to control a Fractal FM3 only, no other items.

I can see the MC8 in the editor, and make changes to it, but I am not able to see it in the firmware updater.

I am also not sure that the FM3 is receiving messages from the MC8. I can make bank jumps on the MC8 and move around its menus, but none of the PC messages I am trying to send appear to impact the FM3.

Which firmware updater version are you using? We just published an update last week, so just want to make sure you are using the latest: Release Firmware Updater v1.1.1 · Morningstar-Engineering/Firmware-Uploader · GitHub

Regarding the FM3, is the MIDI channel set to the messages that you are sending out to the FM3?
Also, for the connection, are you using a 5 PIN MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT on the MC8 to the FM3 MIDI IN, or are you using the omniport?

I haven’t tried to run the updater again, but I do have the issues with the midi messages resolved now. I am able to change my presets. Working on figuring out the fractal integration for scenes with the presets now

Solved: I switched to a different computer and it worked perfectly. The MAC that I use for my guitar playing is an old IMAC so I wonder if the old OS X version was causing an issue.

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