MC8 and Voodoo lab pedal switcher

Anyone know if the MC8 will control the Voodoo lab pedal switchers?

yes it will. You’re referring to the Hex right? Those are MIDI controllable.

I used an MC8 to control a Voodoo Hex. It sits in a rack case and I use it for switching on Overdrives and Compressors.

No not the hex the pedal switchers like this.

This looks like the replacement for the pedal switcher since they are now discontinued.

If it can be MIDI controlled then the MC8 will be able to control it. Best check the manual for its MIDI implementation first.

Ok, good to know! I’m planning on replacing the pedal switchers with the ML5’s eventually but until then I was hoping they would work with the MC8.

The midi controller I use now is called voodoo lab commander. This is what the manual says

Commander sends program changes 1-10, corresponding to the preset number, on MIDI channel 1.

Does that sound like the MC8 will be able to control the switchers?

Yup it should be able to control with just PC messages.

From the manual:

Can I co ntrol the Commander remotely with any MIDI controller?
Yes. You can call up Commander’s presets remotely with another controller or sequencer using
MIDI patch changes.

Did you manage to get the Voodoo Switchers to function with the MC8?

I never ended up buying one.