MC8 and Synergy Amps Midi Help

I am looking to change the channels on my Synergy Amps rig. I have two chassis’ totaling 8 channels. I want to set up bank 1 page 1 with the 8 switches on the MC8. Could someone guide me through the CC number and CC value to input into the MC8 editor. Below is Synergy’s manual but I’m confused.

Setup – The 16 position rotary miniature rotary switch selects the MIDI channel to communicate with your controller. Use a small screwdriver to set to the desired channel. The slide switch selects OMNI or SELECT modes. Set the slide switch to SELECT to activate the rotary MIDI CHANNEL switch. OMNI is an alternate mode that allows the SYN-2 to receive commands on all 16 channels simultaneously.

Programming - To program the SYN2 to respond to your MIDI controller, do the following: 1. Make sure your MIDI controller is connected to the SYN2’s MIDI input jack 2. Select a preset on the MIDI controller 3. Using the channel select button on the SYN2, select the module channel (or bypass) you wish to have come on when the preset is selected using the SYN-2 front panel SELECT pushbutton. 4. Hold the channel select button until the bypass LED flashes. This should take about 3 seconds. Repeat steps 2 through 4 above for each controller preset you wish to store. The next time you select one of the programmed presets, the SYN_2 will automatically switch to the desired channel. Please note: If the bypass LED doesn’t flash after holding the channel select button for a few seconds, the amp is likely not receiving MIDI commands and the setting will not be stored. Check your MIDI controller and its connection to your amp. Also make sure that the MIDI controller is set to the same MIDI channel as the SYN-2.

Continuous Controllers - The SYN2 also responds to MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages. These MIDI messages are typically used for “instant access” buttons on more advanced MIDI controllers – buttons that can be set up to directly select amp channels. When using CC messages, you don’t need to go through the programming process described above.

CC Number Function

56 Select channel 1A

57 Select channel

1B 58 Select channel

2A 59 Select channel

2B 60 Bypass

64 Mute

When selecting a channel using CC messages, only a message with a CC value of 64 or higher will have any effect. Messages with a CC value of 63 or lower is ignored. The Mute CC (#64) will mute all channels of the SYN-2 if a value of 64 or higher is received, and will unmute the amp if a value of 63 or lower is received.

For most systems, it’s recommended that you set your SYN2s to the same MIDI channel. You can follow the programming instructions above, repeating the steps for each SYN2. When you want to access the second SYN2, make sure that the first SYN2 is set to bypass.