MC8 and Strymon Nixie trio with older Mac and Motu

Aloha! I’m new to MIDI controllers and effects and I’m stoked to dive in to the potential this MC8 creature can unlock, however, I’m running some older gear and wondering if that might have something to do with my current conundrum, i.e.,
“No devices connected” in Nixie…

2011 MacBook Pro running 10.13.6
MOTU 8PRE firewire
Timeline, Big Sky, and Mobius successfully connect to Nixie individually or combined, through the 8PRE, firmware updated and globals set properly… and Nixie recognizes 8PRE as well as the MC8
But when I connect the MC8 out to the pedals thru and back to the MC8 in, still Nixie fails to recognize…
Pedals on separate Chanels 2,3,4, MC8 on ch 6
Not sure if 8PRE needs its own Chanel but thought I’d leave ch1 clear just in case…
Is there any issues with MIDI over firewire interfaces?
My question at this point( I think) is, I suppose I should get ahold of a different MIDI adapter, but would there be an issue with the age of my gear?
MC8 communicates fine with the editor…is updated
8PRE is as updated as can be… Nixie recognizes them fine…
Any suggestions more than welcome!

What is the overall connection like? I’m not familiar with the MOTU or firewire stuff, but if Nixie detects it, and the MOTU passes MIDI sysex to/from the firewire interface to its DIN5 MIDI INs and OUTs, then it should work.

There was a bug in the MC8 firmware v3.9.4 to v3.9.6 that caused an issue with Nixie. This was fixed in v3.9.7 - this might be causing the problem that you are facing?

Firewire 800/400 adapter out of mbp, firewire 400 cable into the back of the 8PRE, midi ports out/in from 8pre.
I’m inclined to think that’s all good, as there’s no issue connecting the pedals to nixie by themselves.

midi chain:
MOTU out - in MC8 out - in Timeline out - in Big Sky out - in Mobius out - in MOTU
No Devices Detected
MC8 out - in Timeline out - in Big Sky out - in Mobius out - in MC8
No Devices Detected…
Tried this configuration today on my buddy’s 2018 MacBook Pro running os 11.5, same thing.

As for the firmware, I know I downloaded both 3.9.6.and 3.9.7,
I can’t remember if I installed 3.9.6 first, but I may have, and then ran 3.9.7 over it, at which point I may not have known to do a restart at that point.
I have since, re-run 3.9.7 and done a restart, but maybe I need to do a factory reset ? and then reinstall 3.9.7.?

So I did just that, factory reset.
I downloaded a fresh copy of hex 3.9.7., ran the updater
run nixie
BAM there they are… all 3, beautiful!!

one setting difference I see: MIDI CLOCK PERSIST set to ON
it wasn’t on before and I don’t think I ever touched it but can’t be sure…
I guess I don’t have to buy a new computer just yet… :smiley: