MC8 and Red Panda Tensor (TRS Midi)

I’m about to take delivery of a brand new MC8, and for most of my pedals I can see how I’d set up the MC8 to handle presets; but I’m struggling to find any good information about how to program the MC8 to switch and save presets on the Tensor (and the Particle V2).

Has anyone done this please? Any tips would be really welcome, as the Tensor manual hasn’t helped a great deal…


Does your tensor have the latest firmware? You’ll need that to be able to use TRS midi. And once you have that, you can use the tensor editor site to save presets, or from the manual:

MIDI Program Change Messages

The Tensor can store 31 presets for recall via MIDI program change messages. You can store the current setting as a preset using SYSEX or the TouchOSC template available on our web site.

You can also save a preset by holding down both the HOLD and ON footswitches for several seconds, then sending a MIDI program change message. That allows you to store a preset using a MIDI foot con- troller or another device that cannot sent system exclusive messages.

I imagine it’s similar for the particle.

Thanks - yes, I’ve got the latest firmware so it’s ready to go. Perfect, thanks so much!

Did that work? I’ve updated the firmware on my Tensor and still can’t get it to recognize PC messages from the MC6 via TRS. The holding the HOLD and ON footswitches (besides being a bit painful with your fingers) doesn’t seem to work. Can’t tell from the manual or anything whether there is supposed to be some visual indicator that it has saved the preset. If you’ve had success I’d love to hear how, or just to know it can be done.

I haven’t had a chance to try yet sadly - the delivery of my MC8 has been delayed until the end of March! Will let you know if I get anywhere though…