MC8 and Red Panda Tensor (TRS Midi)

I’m about to take delivery of a brand new MC8, and for most of my pedals I can see how I’d set up the MC8 to handle presets; but I’m struggling to find any good information about how to program the MC8 to switch and save presets on the Tensor (and the Particle V2).

Has anyone done this please? Any tips would be really welcome, as the Tensor manual hasn’t helped a great deal…


Does your tensor have the latest firmware? You’ll need that to be able to use TRS midi. And once you have that, you can use the tensor editor site to save presets, or from the manual:

MIDI Program Change Messages

The Tensor can store 31 presets for recall via MIDI program change messages. You can store the current setting as a preset using SYSEX or the TouchOSC template available on our web site.

You can also save a preset by holding down both the HOLD and ON footswitches for several seconds, then sending a MIDI program change message. That allows you to store a preset using a MIDI foot con- troller or another device that cannot sent system exclusive messages.

I imagine it’s similar for the particle.

Thanks - yes, I’ve got the latest firmware so it’s ready to go. Perfect, thanks so much!

Did that work? I’ve updated the firmware on my Tensor and still can’t get it to recognize PC messages from the MC6 via TRS. The holding the HOLD and ON footswitches (besides being a bit painful with your fingers) doesn’t seem to work. Can’t tell from the manual or anything whether there is supposed to be some visual indicator that it has saved the preset. If you’ve had success I’d love to hear how, or just to know it can be done.

I haven’t had a chance to try yet sadly - the delivery of my MC8 has been delayed until the end of March! Will let you know if I get anywhere though…

Hi there

I have the same problem.
I tried to controll my Tensor (Firmware is updatet) with my MC 8 over PC Messages in order to switch my presets, but that didn’t work and I couldn’t save my presets as described above by @thesaucerist and also mentioned by @dlacono I stored my current settings on my Computer by using Sysex, that worked well till I tried to get it back on MC 8. As far as I understood the MC8 allows you to read sysex files, but you have to load it manually. there is no other way right? But this part really burns my brain. How do I implement Sysex data like this (F0 00 02 23 01 08 00 35 7F 0B 07 24 F7) into the morningstar Webeditor? could aynone tell me, if…

  1. this is the only way (over sysex) to controll my tensor on the MC 8?
  2. if yes, how to load the sysex data back to my MC 8?
  3. if there is also a much easier way instead of going over sysex, let me know…

thank you very much!!! i’d be happy as hell to hear from you!

hey benzon-- you mentioned you have the newest firmware (assuming you checked your serial number and uploaded the correct one?). once that’s confirmed, you need to connect it to the tensor web editor. here you need to change the Ctrl Port Mode to TRS MIDI.

next move would be to configure your omniport on your MC8, or the dipswitches on your midi box, to send via TRS midi, (not just tip or ring).

and that should be it! you can save settings via the methods i posted above, or on the web editor. i’ve had success without ever needing to deal with sysex. good luck!

Hi @benzon
For me, the problem was with Red Panda’s web editor. For whatever reason it didn’t seem to want to remember the channel I was assigning to the Tensor. Unfortunately I don’t remember what it I did to get it to work, but once it did it’s worked perfectly ever since. The Red Panda software is surprisingly clunky for how sophisticated their pedals are. The issue may have had something to do with that although the channel change worked, that wasn’t represented by the info on the web editor. Sorry this isn’t more specifically helpful.

Hey Guys @thesaucerist and @dlacono
Yes, finally it works! thank you very much for your help!
I checked once again everything from scratch and as described by @thesaucerist I found out that my omniport on the MC8 was on Tip active instead of midi out-standart. No idea why…Now it works perfectly. it’s just a bit weard when you save presets by holding the ON and HOLD Footswitch on the Tensor, there is no signal which confirms the saved preset…but when you know that, then its absolutely handy to work like that…

Hey guys, I think I have the same problem just like everyone else but I can’t seem to find the solution out of this. I have updated the firmware to the latest one, have changed the control port to midi TRS in through the tensor web editor and saved it, have selected midi out standard and I have even tried the midi tip active and midi out option through the Morningstar web editor but it can’t control the tensor. I’ve tested it to have the PC and CC bypass sent to the pedal and nothings work. seems everyone here had solved the problem, can someone help me please?

Have you made sure your tensor’s cntl port is set to MIDI and not to Expression or Remote Switch? You’ll need to do that via the tensor web editor (and need to save it as well). Good luck!

hey thanks for the reply, so I solved it a few days ago. it turns out when I tried to reupdate the firmware just like someone suggested, the firmware update got stuck. used both of my computer which runs on Mac Os Big Sur and Windows 7 to reupdate the firmware and it was unsuccessful. but then I tried on another laptop as I borrowed my sister in law’s Mac which still runs on Catalina and it worked perfectly fine. so if anyone reading still has an issue, just try different laptop. I don’t know if the issues is on the newest Mac Os or the outdated Windows