MC8 and RC600 - Buttons triggering incorrect targets

Hi All, Today I’m trying to set up my MC8 to take on some of the functions of my new Boss RC600 Looper. For now I am just testing whether commands work as I intend. They are not working. I’ve made 3 presets in my Bank 9:
F - Mic Mute/Unmute
G - Rhythm Start/Stop
H - Memory + (Increase)

Instead of doing the above, F calls up Memory #2, G calls up Memory #4, & H calls up Memory #3. I have no idea why. I understand about assigning CC commands to one of the 16 assigns. Each of these actions is set up under a different assign. I’ve pasted screen shots of my MC8 settings. Any ideas to help my troubleshooting?


Forgot to add screen shots. Here they are:

Hi. You are sending PC messages, not CC messages. You mentioned you assigned CC messages. Therefore, you should be sending CC messages, not PC messages.

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:arrow_up: This. Brandon has it right. One thing to note though Boss is sometimes weird and with my RC500 I have to send the cc#whatever with both a 0 and a 127 value. Boss needs to see both for it to trigger. I just needed to have two messages both on a press (Release is better to use if you’re using other actions as it won’t overlap and trigger unwanted messages) but some users have reported needing to add a delay message between the two cc values.

Yup, you nailed it–noob error resolved. Thx!!

Hey cVarsity, Wow, thanks so much for reminding me of this bit of arcana. The moment I read your comment I recalled solving this issue with my RC500 awhile back. It’s so odd that Boss loopers function this way, and that they don’t go to the trouble of documenting that they do this. Perhaps BOSS should stand for “Because Obfuscating Seems Simpler” :-). Anyway, I found a prior preset, updated it, and all is resolved. Thanks for taking the time to explain this one! --Adam