MC8 and Editor Freezing

So, this has happened about 5 or 6 times now. Not sure what’s going on. First time I was mapping expression msgs via “Select Expression MSG” type, and this time I was simply creating short names across presets in a bank. This is the dialog I get when I disconnect my MC8 and then try to connect via the editor again after it freezes:

I have to exit the editor, pull power from the MC8 and reboot anytime this happens.

[EDIT] It’s possible that the MC8 is the one actually freezing, and in turn the software freezes as well.

Thanks for reporting this. Will require more info.

I’m assuming you’re using v3.8.1 firmware?

When you exit editor mode on the Editor, does the MC8 still show “[In Edit Mode]”? Any other MIDI devices connected via USB to your computer, or any other MIDI software open?

Would be great if you can provide the steps to replicate this.

I experimented MC8 freeze with 3.8.1 during controller ‘all banks’ backup.
Last chrome on W10.
Display frozen on MC8.
I just disconnected the MC8, wait 2 minutes then restart chrome, connect and backup correctly.
Could it be Chrome memory getting corrupted after a long session on MC8 ?

Yeah, I experienced that too. Still trying to figure out why - it happens at random. Usually restarting and trying again should solve it. Will troubleshoot further

Yes, v3.8.1

When I exit the Software Editor, the MC8 still shows [In Edit Mode].

No other midi devices connected to my computer.

Is there some sort of debugging or logging tool I can install to help you diagnose? It’s pretty random when it happens.

I’ve experienced that before when I do things on the editor too quickly, like maybe saving a preset and then quickly pressing on Disconnect, which disconnects the Editor but sometimes the controller misses the command and still remains in editor mode, but it is not frozen.

Can you confirm though, when that happens, is your MC8 totally frozen or hung?

Confirmed, the MC8 is totally frozen when it happens. It’s a very random issue, and hard to reproduce. I’m not disconnecting via the software editor very often, so I don’t believe that’s it.

If it’s any consolation, this has only happened with the v3.8.1 firmware. I never had this issue with v3.7

I’ve had a similar issue with the mc6 freezing. Although my mc6 freezes when it’s not connected to the software and tends to happen when I scroll back down through banks. Only started happening when I updated to latest firmware and added bank change messages. Have to disconnect power to restart.

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the info! If you are able to reproduce the issue, do let me know + send me your bank dump so I can have a look at what’s going on

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Hi James, here is my bank dump.Luke_MC6_BackUp_05-02-2021.syx (160.8 KB)

It happens when I bank up to about bank 5 or 6 then when I try to bank back down it always seems to freeze on bank 3. If I try to connect to the software when it’s frozen it gives me the same message as start of this thread and requires a restart to get it working again.

Thanks for the file! I just loaded it into my MC6 but can’t reproduce the problem. Just wondering - do you have any other MIDI software like DAWs running?

When the freeze happens, were you in editor mode?

@james it happens when I’m connected to the editor and when I’ve disconnected and using it normally. It always seems to be when scrolling back down to bank 3 specifically for some reason.

@james just a quick update on the freezing issue. I have removed the ‘engage preset on bank entry’ settings and it has now stopped freezing. It seems there may be a bug with that feature (on my MC6 at least)

I have the same problem with Freezing. except its not connected to the editor. Operating standalone with another MC8 and a Roland UM1 MIDI interface connected, for some unexplained reason it just randomly freezes. I cant do anything at all, and requires a minimum 2-5 minutes of being powered down before a successful restart.

One thing I did notice is that when it freezes, the Roland UM1 that I have connected to any one of the omniports indicates a constant repeating midi instruction showing on the UM1 like the MC8 is jammed on.

This is a bit discouraging considering it’s the last thing I want to happen during a live performance. I’m now re-evaluating how dependable the MC8 is.

I will change my settings to lock the banks/pages function as I only really use one page of one bank, and I’ll also double check that I’ve removed any ‘engage preset on bank entry’ instructions’ to be safe.

If this demonstartes some stability, I’ll post back after a decent test period.

Looking forward to seeing this bug clearly identified and resolved outright.