MC8 and DMX Midi Note Switching

Hi, I am using my MC8 to send Midi Note messages to my DMX light controller. It works fine, however I do have to hit the preset footswitch twice when changing from one preset to another? First time it turns off the preset, then second time it turns it on…

…For instance I have my A switch assigned as follows (Action: Press, Type: Note On, Note: 8, Value 0-127 (doesn’t really make much difference), Channel 16 (my DMX controller channel). So, I change from say, B switch (current DMX preset in use) to A switch… it turns all the lights off, then I press A again and it turns on the preset.

Any advice on how to get the MC8 to change MIDI note messages on my DMX controller with only one footswitch press would be highly appreciated?

Hopefully it’s something basic I have overlooked. Thanks in advance!

update: it appears the DMX controller doesn’t like to change presets from different banks. So, I’ll just ensure presets are within the same DMX controller bank for each MC8 page.