MC8 - After Update to v3.11.1A - Expression jumping back and forth 0% and 100%

but my SP25M-PRO AEROs keep having the same problem even with

Just to report a similar (but subtly different) issue with the AMT EX-50 Mini Expression,
after updating my MC8 to firmware 3.11.1.
Basically, when I rock the pedal slowly, it goes smoothly from 100% to 0%.
But if I rock it fast, it goes from 100% to 0% and then jumps to 100% from 0%.
I checked that the calibration process on the MC8 does not show this problem.
It shows only in playing mode. I also reverted to firmware 3.10.2, and the problem is
not there anymore. Thanks for your help, this seems a major and widespread issue.