MC8 Ableton live looping

The Nektar Pacer pedal has one Max for live device that makes live looping in Ableton Live. Up, down, left, right (scenes, tracks), record, etc. Does anyone use the MC8 pedal with Ableton Live for “live looping”?

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I just got my MC-8 yesterday with the intention of doing this. I did see a youtube video on the topic, and it works well even though there isn’t a control script interface for the morningstar, because it can do keystrokes for up, down, left, right, etc. Takes a little setting up I’m sure, but it worked great in the Morningstar example on their channel. The Best Ableton Foot Controller? - Morningstar MIDI for your DAW - YouTube

I also have plans to do a lot of pre curated clip launching with ableton, as backing tracks, effects, etc.

Are you using it this way?

Thanks for the reply!
So everything has already been solved.

I want to live looping with 8 tracks (7 VSTi synth, 1 audio). however, the things seen in the video gave new ideas.