MC8 - 1st page presets 2nd page direct access - linking the two?


Been loving the MC8 since I received it, controlling a rack drawer with pedals in a ML5, a TC Electronic Plethora X5 and a Strymon Iridium (or an amp via MIDI).

I use the first page in a bank as presets, sending multiple messages and engaging different loops on the ML5 and different effects on the Plethora at the same time. The second page I have set up as direct access to those loops and Plethora footswitches.

My problem is:
Is there a way of linking what was turned on (and off) in a preset to the second page where all switches are toggles for the individual pedals?

I tried the “Engage Preset” function, but that makes a preset act as a toggle as well, which I don’t want. It also leaves the “direct access” switches in the same state when changing to another preset.

Thank you for any help!

If I understand correctly, you can do some real in depth programming of the first page presets with “Set Toggle” messages to make the 2nd page presets toggle depending on what is in the preset on page 1. That is, if those are set presets you’re never gonna change.

Preset A (pg1) sends PC#1 that turns on loops 5 and 6 in the ML5 as well as a preset on the Plethora. Meanwhile, you have a “set toggle” that just toggles whatever preset on pg2 to the CC# for off for.
This is assuming your pg2 presets are set up in Toggle mode with a CC# for On message in pos1 and Off in pos2.

Gets a little complicated but you should be able to manually program each switch to turn on a Preset while setting up the Pg2 to match.

I’ve done exactly this. It’s all in the set toggle for that bank across all switches and positions. For one specific bank I use the set toggle type with the bank toggle mode off. Each button then needs to set the toggle state for each button but it means the messages become independent.

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Can you post a screenshot of one switch on each page so I can better understand?

I’ve taken shots of 3 buttons. 1 from the first page, 1 from the second and another from the first which works totally independently without influence of any other button on either bank. I’d forgotten I had gone with toggle mode but it works the same as what you’re after:

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