MC6PRO USB Host not receiving messages from connected controller

I have connected additional MIDI controller via USB to USB Host port and enabled MIDI THRU for HOST port, but no messages are getting through.
If I connect Ampero DIN5 OUT to MC6 DIN5 IN with DIN5 cable - everything works as I need it to. I’m trying to avoid additional DIN5 connection. What am I missing…?

thanks in advance.

I’m not sure the Ampero Control supports midi out of it’s usb port. My buddy uses one, I’ll ask later on when I see him today.

I stand corrected, it is advertised to work with your DAW over USB so should be able to. When making your patch did you by chance select to output over usb? Looks like you need to select the output for each midi message. It’s been a while but I remember Hotone’s editor was very limited. Outside of that I’m stumped and is likely an Ampero thing.

Yes indeed. I know Ampero very well. Been using it prior to switching to MC6 PRO. The preset is set up fine. And via DIN5 it works fine. I am thinking perhaps something else needs to be checked off on MC6 side, although I tried numerous combinations on the MIDI matrix…

Does any icon appear on the right-most LCD when you send MIDI From the Ampero?

Next is to check if the USB cable you are using transmits data (some cables only transmits power)

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thank you for the response. no icon appears when connected via USB to HOSt port.
I have tried 4 different cable (each known to transmit data, as I use them for other purposes)…
anything other ideas…?

Thanks for the info. Do you have another USB MIDI Device that you can test with? Just in case there’s something not class compliant in the Ampero.

I don’t think the USB Host port would be faulty because we use that to trigger all our tests in the controller before packing. I won’t rule that out, but let’s troubleshoot further

I do not have any other controllers at the moment, so for now will resort to USB+DIN until I can try with another controller. it’s just seems that I’m missing something small…

If you can, can you try the v3.12 beta firmware and see if the issue persists?

There were some bug fixes related to USB Host, but not sure if that will help in your case: