MC6Pro send MIDI message to itself to change banks?


I want to have a preset do a change bank. I have added a PC#0 message to the preset to Channel 3, and my MC6Pro is set to respond on Channel 3, but nothing happens.

The MIDI monitor shows the message.

I wonder if the MC6Pro cannot send a MIDI message to itself?



Is there a reason you can’t just program the button to change the bank itself, using the bank up/down/jump command instead of a PC message?

Thank you @jjpaaske , the Bank Jump message does the job.

I still wonder if the MC6Pro cannot send messages to itself, though I think it is not so important with the other message types.


It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s something they just didn’t put in, as the controllers can control themselves without actually sending midi messages out, and the only time it would want to recieve midi messages is if you’re using two controllers and wanted another one to send a message to it.

It can, but you have to create a physical output->input loop. If you do, you need to block the input port from passing messages on the channel, otherwise you create an infinite loop. As @jjpaaske said, since there are built-in assignments for this, it’s really only relevant if you want to control the MC6 Pro from another device.