MC6Pro: How to use the TRS3.5 midi in and out with Meris Enzo

It appears that MIDI out through the 3.5mm port to the Enzo pedal is functioning properly. However, I’m encountering an issue receiving messages through the 3.5mm MIDI input port, preventing me from using the Enzo editor in both directions. I can only transmit messages to the pedal but cannot receive them. I have ensured that my settings in the MC6Pro Controller Settings are correct. I suspect the issue might be with the cable. I’m currently using a Y-cable (TRS to 2x TS) with the tip connected to the TS tip in MIDI out and the ring connected to the TS tip in MIDI in on the MC6Pro. What steps should I take to address this problem?

The 3.5mm ports on the MC6 PRO are according to the MIDI standard, but for Meris it is not, which is why they can implement receive on Tip and send on Ring with no opto-isolator. So, even if you split the connections with a Y cable, the Ring connection needs to provide power (Type A TRS MIDI is data/sink on Tip, power/source on Ring) to power the opto-isolator in the MIDI Input).

I believe you’ll need to use the Meris MIDI Box for this.

Okay thanks a lot. Makes sense. I’ll try the Meris midi box, which I still have somewhere :sweat_smile:.

Yes, with the Meris Midi box the Enzo Editor connects in both ways.

So, I need to make 2 DIN - 3.5TRS midi cables and then I’m all set for both the Enzo editor using MC6 Pro’s 3.5TRS (through the Midi Box) and Nixie using MC6 Pro’s DINs (different topic). Am I right?