MC6Pro Expression pedal CC message change by preset?

Hello Morningstar community,

just got a MC6 Pro and blown away by the unit. It is perfect, except one thing I can’t figure out:

I want to set up a preset such that it toggles the CC message that my expression pedal sends to my HxStomp, e.g. if disengaged I want to send expression with CC1 (e.g. master volume) and when engaged CC2 (e.g. Wah Wah) - (the Hx Stomp recognises CC1 as Expression 1 and CC2 as expression 2).

It seems that in the older devices there was a feature “Select Exp Message” that does not appear to be on the MC6 Pro. It seems that I can only set this up at the bank level? Is there another mechanism by which I can achieve the desired result? That would be awesome because I want a real small footprint rig for travelling and don’t want to carry around two expression pedals.

Thanks in advance and Cheers,

Hi, that’s incorrect it’s still there.

Oh, that sounds good. I looked around and I could not find it. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

ok, found it, just had to scroll down further on the “Type” menu. It absolutely works and does exactly what I want - amazing unit!

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