MC6Pro Confusion Setting Up for basic functionality

Hi, just got my MC6Pro and the possibilities seem awesome but very overwhelming trying to get this thing started. Sorry, I’m bad with tech. I’m just trying to turn on my pedals in a preset. I have 4 CBA pedals and an Empress Reverb. I’m using the desktop editor. Before buying this controller I had a Disaster Areas controller and had saved a ton of presets in each of my CBA pedals. Setting up a sample preset for example-- on my Warped Vinyl, I want my 3rd preset on, on my Condor, I want my 4th preset on and on my Empress Reverb, want my 5th preset on. In the editor I made PC messages with these numbers and chose the right MIDI channels to reflect each device.I set all actions to press since from 1 tap I want changes on these 3 devices. I had perhaps naively thought, this was all I had to do. When pressing the A button, this didn’t do anything. So then I added 3 more messages for cc (setting the cc number for the chase bliss pedals to 102 and the value to 127 to turn on, and setting the cc number for the empress to 60 and value to 127 to turn on). This also didn’t do anything. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

How are you connected to the pedals?

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A common gotcha is this: Certain Functions Are Not Working

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Hi, I’m using a disaster areas midibox 4 and 1 pedal using an omni port (first port if that matters). I set the MIDI channel for each CBA pedal through the omniport.

I might be misunderstanding your set up. Are you going out of the Omniport to the midibox or just one pedal from the omniport with the midibox controlling your other pedals from the 5din? And when you say you set the midi channel through the omniport do you mean the midi type (tip/ring active)? By the sounds of it you should be setting each device (on the pedal itself) to its own individual midi channel and then program Preset A like you described making sure the right PC#s are going to the right midi channel.

Hi, so I have the MIDI 5din thing connected to the MIDIbox to control 4 pedals (Empress Reverb, and 3 CBAs) and then got another CBA connected to an Omniport. I have each device on its own individual midi channel

Curious if I need to do CC messages as well as PC. do anything to actually engage the pedal/turn it on within a preset

Glancing at the CBA manuals it doesn’t seem so. Can you try focusing on just the one pedal in the Omniport to help narrow it down? Can you send a PC# to that one pedal with a TRS cable. Be sure to check the Omniport settings and maybe disconnect from the editor just to be sure.

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Thank you! I’ll try doing that. I don’t think I did anything with the Omniport settings, so I’ll look into that. Do you have to like choose a specific omniport channel to receive MIDI messages for a pedal?

As mentioned above, try going MC6Pro direct to one of the CBA pedals and ensure that works. Make sure omni port is set to Ring Active for CBA pedals.

If the Omni Port is set properly and you’re sending to the proper channel (which seems like it was working previously) you should be able to see changes.

In theory, the 5 pin out to the midibox should work. I run 5 pin to a Strymon Conduit which then connects via TRS to CBA pedals and works.

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Yeah the Omniports are I think by default set to Exp or Aux. You’ll want to set whichever Omniport you’re using to Midi Out - ???. I don’t have CBAs but I believe it should be Ring Active. Try them till they work or check your CBA manual. Once you get that working (should be just a matter of switching the setting if you programmed everything correctly) we can look into the other 4 via the midibox.

So the Omniport I’m using (1) is set to MIDI Ring Active. I have CBA Condor connected via the omniport. When changing between 2 presets and choosing 2 different PCs for different presets within Condor, nothing changes

Hi, l can’t see a reason on the programming side of things why this isn’t working.
Did you check the Midi Monitor to see if a midi message has been generated in the first place?
Connect your MC to the editor, open the Midi Monitor tab and press a switch you have programmed previously.
If nothing happens you might have a hardware issue, if something pops up we know at least that the switches are working.

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Hey yes. well I think. When I switch between the 2 presets I’ve saved, I see Chase Bliss’ middle light change color which seems to be a good sign, but the actual preset doesn’t change

Ok, just in case
Did you set up the midi channel for each pedal on the actual pedals?
I don’t want to bother you, but there have been people trying to do this via the editor, which won’t work.

I’ve had a look into the Condor’s manual. It says that if you didn’t save anything to a preset by sending a pc# while holding down some switches it won’t recall anything. Just fishing in the dark here

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Really appreciate the help! So I was trying to set up the pedals for MIDI channel by the editor, maybe that is what caused it. I Should I do it without being plugged into the editor? I got the MIDI channel by connecting each CBA pedal separately, one at a time via the omniport (set to ring), unplugging the CBA pedal while holding down both footswitches and plugging in again, then tapping the A button on the MC6PRO. Then on the web editor, msg 1 I put press, program change and chose the MIDI channel.

The MIDI channels have to be set on your pedals individually. This can’t be done by the Morningstar Editor. Once you’ve set each pedal to it’s own channel (refer to the manuals on how to do this) you can give each channel a name in the controller settings, but this is optional.

To set the channel for your condor you’ll first have to programm a pc# message on the desired midi channel on the MC. Then power up your pedal while holding the switches down. Step three is sending the programmed message from the MC. This will set the channel of your Condor to whatever channel you’ve programmed on the MC


Thank you so much for the help! So 4 of my 5 MIDI pedals are now working correctly. Still having trouble with Condor. Only the first 2 settings are recalled in Condor when I set up a preset to scroll individual pedal presets. Then when doing a test preset with just Condor, i’m not able to get the right preset on. Though I set up all the pedals using the omniport 1, when operating the controller, I have all the other pedals connected via my disasterareas midibox 4, so I’m thinking maybe the Omniport may be causing the problem. I have screenshots for the messages and the MIDI dictionary up.

In the first test, where I did the cc messages to engage pedal and bypass drive in first toggle position and bypass pedal and drive in the second toggle, it doesn’t recall the right preset. In the second test I have, where I did the cc messages bypass switch, engage last saved preset pedal for toggle position 1 and then bypass switch: bypass pedal and drive, when I click on the on position, it takes me to the red channel on condor and when click toggle turning pedal off, it goes to green.

I set up the pedal without the editor. And when saving my sample.preset, I disconnected editor and restarted the mc6. No idea what’s going wrong with it. I think I did set up the pedal correctly as I followed the same procedure for the other 4 pedals, which are all working correctly. But wanted to confirm in case I’m missing something. So disconnected from the editor, I pressed the A button, then held down both footswitches on the condor, turned the power off on it while holding on, then turned the power on and released. THen I pressed the D and F buttons to get into the menu. I went into global configurations, chose MIDI channel 4 (when I set up each of my pedals, I adjusted the global configurations MIDI channel to correspond to the channel was saving each pedal on-though not sure if that is correct, or if I should be adjusting global configurations) Then went back to edit the preset, chose edit preset messages, put in MIDI channel 4 and press as action, PC message as type, and 1 for data 1 (to correspond to the preset trying to activate). Would greatly appreciate help/advice. Thank you.

Interestingly when I use the MIDIbox rather than the omniport within my preset I can now flip between channels on my Condor, which I wasn’t able to do with the omniport, but the settings are still screwed up.