Mc6ii and hx stomp -using an auxiliary pedal to set tap tempo

Good afternoon all,

Hope that someone here can send me on the right path.

I’m using an mc6ii to control my hx stomp, it’s working great and I’ve been able to set any parameters that I like and make them work Superfly.

I’m on a bit of a mission, as I am using one footswitch on the mc6 to set the tap tempo for the delays on the stomp, which is working perfectly.

I’ve an external switch in omniport 1 controlling bank up and down

What I would like to do is use omniport 2 to set the tap tempo, so I’ve configured it to"custom switch" and assigned it to midi tap, using all 3 configurations(tip, trying, tip and ring), but it’s not doing what I would like it to do

I’m sure that I’m missing something simple, but I’ve checked the stomp is set to take external midi clock so I’m at a loss…

Any help would be most appreciated,



That setting show allow you to start tapping in a tempo for the internal MIDI clock. Which firmware version are you using?

Just tested on v3.8.7 and it works

Heya James,

thanks for the reply -

Yes, up to date on the firmware and the editor

yes, that’s the setting I’m using, and still nothing when I tap, it works fine when I assign one of the onboard switches, but not for the omniport:

what aux footswitch are you using? just to make sure it’s compatible.

Thanks for your reply James, I was away so could not check the pedal type!

But you are 100% correct, I was using a Mosky single switch to set the tempo but when I changed to the boss fs6, it worked as expected! Thanks for your help and time,


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