MC6 with Timeline - Entering Looper mode

Hi All,

I have been trying to get my MC6 to trigger the Timeline to go into Looper Mode. What are the msg(s) needed to do this?

I can get my looper presents to trigger once I manually put the Timeline in looper mode. Just putting the timeline into looper mode is my issue.

Is what I am trying to do possible?


You don’t have to enter looper mode to start looping. You can send record, stop, play etc commands via MIDI and start looping even in delay mode. However if you do want to enter looper mode via MIDI, you can do so my simulating the Tap switch being held down. You can do it as shown below (simulating holding down the tap switch for 3s before releasing it):


I’ve never thought about this. Ingenious!!

Thanks Brandon,

I did not know I could just call the midi for the looper functions. I tested and it works for me.

I see what you have done by adding delay to mimic the 3 sec hold down of the tap/looper button on the timeline.


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Hi Brandon

I think I am not programming my looper functions correctly which is why I though I had to be looper mode.

After getting them to work then powering off my pedalboard and tried again later today to play around and now the looper functions are not working.

Is there a way to send me a correct midi message structure to verify I am sending the correct code?


Did you resolve this? I can provide screenshots if required

Hi HeyMonkeyFace,

I figured it out in the end. The fact that I do not need to put the Timeline in looper mode was what was tripping me up.

I just programmed the pedal to send the looper commands even though I have presets.

If you want to do screenshots that would be fine to help others who visit this post when they search. That may helps others.

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Sorry I’ve not been on here for a while! I need to drop in at least weekly. Thanks for the feedback. As I remember I hunted around for a while trying to figure out how to enable looper mode too before I just sent commands and realised it’s always enabled