MC6 with Source Audio Drive questions

How do I get my MC6 to switch between channels on my Source Audio Aftershock?

You’ll need to check the Aftershock manual to find out what midi commands to send to it…

And you’ll need a midi host device between the MC and the pedal, like to source audio neuro hub for example

Thanks for the reply.

I have a hub to talk to all the pedals. And I’ve scoured the manual for specifics, there really isn’t too much information on the MIDI mapping like there is for the C4 Synth.

Confess I don’t know the aftershock. If you open the desktop editor and then the aftershock, is there a midi mapping option on the menu bar?

@Ninthbrady - sorry if you know / have already tried this (or it doesn’t apply coz the Aftershock is different from the usual SA approach!) but my guess is if you connect the Aftershock in the Neuro Desktop editor and click this:

…the dropdowns should let you select something like “change preset” (if it’s not mapped by default already). Here’s an example C4 screenshot…

So if for example you mapped “change preset” to CC 12 you’d send CC 12 and then the value for each of the sounds listed in the Aftershock manual…

e.g. CC 12 value 0 would select ‘Tube Drive’. My guess would be that the MIDI map for the Aftershock also contains functions to let you increment / decrement presets e.g. (again, example from C4)…


I know this is an old thread but did you figure this out? I’m hoping to do this with my LA Lady using the MC6 Pro. Havent gotten the MC6 Pro in the mail yet though. I do have a neuro hub to integrate my 6 SA pedals.

In case someone comes looking for this, I found the answer. When you connect any of the overdrive pedals, LA Lady, Aftershock or King…whatever…) to the neuro desktop app you can select device then edit midi map. It allows you to choose a CC Number for just about every action you can think of including switching channels, engines, i/o options, and engaing the 2nd engine like you would with the external control switch. The one thing I can’t seem to find is how to set the effect switch so I can use my preset that I have saved to effect switch #1-6. I was totally suprised by the extent of the midi capabilities for these older pedals.

Yeah, it doesn’t exist. Since my older posts I bought a few of the older SA pedals like Aftershock, and there’s no way to access those 6 presets via midi. At all.

The only way to recall stored sounds via midi is to use the Neuro hub and store scenes

Just asking, have you ever tried to recall a preset via pc#?

The older pedals only accept cc messages. Ive just resorted to stori g them as scenes on the hub and recalling that way. It works great for my purpose.