MC6 with Kingmaker from Source Audio

Has anyone managed to use remote expression with the MC6 and the Kingmaker and Nemesis from SA with a Neurohub (with the Expression being controlled from the Morningstar?) - I seem to struggle with the mapping, though I have read the Manual (and Midi Sheets) and checked online for videos/SA Website but I can not find Remote Expression as a CC. If so, can someone show me a screen shot of the Hub with the settings for the Kingmaker or Nemesis that worked??

I don’t have an expression pedal or those SA pedals but… I have a C4, Hub and MC6 so hope this helps?! I’m VERY new to all this. I don’t use Hub “scenes”, I just use MC6 to pass CC values to C4 on MIDI channel 1.

By default C4 maps ‘Remote Expression Pedal’ to CC 100.

I have a juicy filter sound I’ve created on C4 and saved. In Neuro desktop editor for C4 for this preset I set External Control on, set first drop down to ‘Remote Expression (Hub/MIDI)’ and then set ‘Control Option’ (in my case I chose “Envelope 1 Frequency”) and Min / Max.

So now if I send CC 100 values on MIDI channel 1 from MC6, I can change the filter frequency on the C4 from the MC6. I used a CC waveform generator to send sine wave on CC100. Which needs refining but seems to give me a way to press a switch and sweep the filter freq up.

thanks. i also can use remote expression with the c4, that has worked fine…
cheers :slight_smile:

Ah cool! I’ve spent so long asking questions about SA pedals, MIDI and MC6 on various forums… really chuffed to be able to give something back! Pleased it worked. All sorts of fun to be had chucking CC expression at SA pedals :grinning:

update. SA has been working to fixed the issue with the NeuroHub. I think they will get there and release this as an upgrade.