MC6 with Helix floor switching between setlists

Hey! I want to start off saying how great this midi controller is. The one function that I am unable to program is the ability to switch setlists in my Helix. In the manual it mentions CC 32. I try that but with no success at all. Any help would be really appreciated!!


Hi. The reason that is not working is because the setlist CC number is the LSB. This function is implemented by Line 6 using the MSB and LSB system, which can be a little more challenging to understand. We wrote an article explaining it here:

In the Helix Floor CC implementation list, you will see that CC number 0 is to control ‘Bank MSB’ (which allows you to select a bank) and CC number 32 controls ‘Bank LSB’ (which allows you to select a setlist). You have to send the MSB first, followed by LSB to select the setlist you want. What MSB and LSB selects what setlist is not clear to us from the Line 6 manual. Perhaps someone else can chime in on this.

Thanks Brandon, I can try playing around with the settings. How would I go about sending two commands at same time?


Mike St-Laurent

Try putting the first message first, and the second message second. If that doesn’t work, you can add a very short Delay message on between them.

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I tried putting two messages back to back. I tried with both using a press, then one using a long press. No luck. How do you put a delay message?

Mike St-Laurent

Try using Release and Long Press. Also, when you look at the drop down menu of message types, you’ll find the Delay message. Let us know if that works.

So 1st message press/msb cc/value
2nd message release
3rd message long press / lsb cc value?

Mike St-Laurent

This is my current setup that does not work.

Mike St-Laurent

Try deleting the Press message and making the others Position: Both.

Or making them all Release, Both, and putting a delay between them.

But it would make sense to me that I need two messages. One to send the MSB to enter setlist menu, then one to send LSB to choose the setlist.