MC6 with External Switcher

Hello all. Just like many that have a Helix, Boss switcher, (etc.) I am wanting to choose presets with one of these external devices. I pretty much just need to know what CC or PC message I need to send to the MC6 from the external device to make the MC6 choose the preset.

I have looked in the glossary, MIDI explanation document, etc., and they let me know what the controls do, but I don’t find any #'s that I can program into my switcher to send to the MC6 to make it do what I want.

IF there is a document somewhere, or page in the manual, etc. I would love to find it, or if you can let me know quickly here I would be GRATEFUL!!

PS, I am using a JOYO PXL-Live because I am using analog pedals with my setup as well.

Use PC for bank, CC #10 and on for Engage Preset.

thank you Quasar. OK, I’m still not sure.

What is the PC#, what does CC#10 do (as there are 6 presets per bank).?

Say if I had it on Bank 1, what would I program to press

A, B, C, D, E & F for instance?

Sorry for the ignorance. And also, if you know where this stuff is listed, I’d be happy to reference!!

To engage Bank 1 preset A ‘Press’ actions would be…

PC #0
Followed by
CC #10 with a value of 1

OK, I’m trying to understand this,

So what would Bank 2 preset A be?

And what would Bank 1 Present B be?

Assuming we’re looking at ‘Press’ actions again:

Bank 2 preset A would be PC #1, CC #10 value 1

Bank 1 preset B would be PC #0, CC #11 value 1

No apologies necessary. This stuff is intimidating at the onset, but you will quickly gain confidence.

Did you try the link I sent? It goes right to to section in the manual that lists all this stuff. Let me know if you’re not seeing it, I’ve been known to goof.

Yes! At first it just went to the top of the manual and then it went to the proper section. That is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

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