MC6 with external switch Bank and MIDI

I would like to use my FM3 to use presets as songs
Then each preset has scenes for parts of songs.

How can I set my MC6 to use the external foot switch to bank up/down (this works) but also send a midi signal to tell my FM3 to change presets

The end goal is to have the MC6 also use the bank as a song so that each bank can have different things some songs need chorus, some tremolo etc. I was having a hard time with just 1 main page for each song.

Not familiar with the FM3 but if I’m understanding correctly, Bank Presets might be what you’re looking for. Set up an event “On Enter” for each bank preset with whatever command type to change presets on the FM3. This would allow the FM3 to change presets along with the bank up/down on the MC6 while saving the 3rd button on your external switch to use as a page toggle or whatever.

I think as I read more, what may be a better solution is to use the switch as a AUX switch, then use the two extra controllers (gh/ij i think they are i am going from memory as bank up and down on each mc6 bank then when i press that button not only will it bank up or down but send whatever midi signal i want.

i could probably even use the top two as bank up/down with long presses

also thank you a ton for replying and helping!

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Of course! I’ve found there are usually a couple routes I could take to get to whatever outcome and deciding how to do all this is half the fun!