MC6 with Disaster Area micro.clock

I integrated an MC6 into my setup recently and am using it to control an ML5, a Strymon Timeline, a Walrus R1, and a Disaster Area micro.clock. Everything works great except the micro.clock. It is not possible to receive MIDI clock on the micro.clock, but I should be able to use the MC6 to control presets on the micro.clock. The micro.clock will then send tap tempo to a non-MIDI tremolo pedal via TRS. I have been successful in getting the MC6 to talk to the micro.clock via MIDI. However, the micro.clock simply advances by one preset each time I press a switch on the MC6. I’ve set the MC6 to send a specific PC to the micro.clock so that it should go to a particular preset with each song. However, the micro.clock just continues to advance by one preset no matter which switch on the MC6 I press. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

No one has any suggestions?

Were you able to solve your issue? I have a SmartClock and have had it all working great in the past. Have you made sure the micro.clock is a completely different midi channel than everything else?

I have not been able to solve my issue yet, unfortunately. The micro.clock is a different channel than all other pedals. It is set to channel 1, but I’ll change it to channel 16 to see if that helps. I appreciate you checking in.

I’ve changed the micro.clock to channel 16 and still no progress. So disappointing!

you might get a better answer from disaster area. might be an issue with their midi implementation?

You’ve checked that the messages sent from the MC6 are correct?

I’m pretty sure that the MC6 settings are correct. Disaster Area hasn’t been very responsive, but I’ll try them again. Thanks.

After a couple of months of trying, I finally solved this issue tonight! The micro.clock has a TRS multi-jack which can send and receive MIDI. Deep in the settings, I found I was able to set it to only receive MIDI from the MC6 and not send MIDI out again on the same jack. Plugged it in, set the MC6 expression port to tip active, and voila! I think the problem was that the MC6 was sending a MIDI PC message upon a button press but getting continuous messages right back from the micro.clock which was causing the continual scrolling through presets. What a relief!

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