MC6 with Diezel VHX

trying to figure out how to use the 6 switches to turn on and off the 6 effects.

Page 15

I’m still confused. It asks for a midi channel, CC number which I assume is 18-23 and then a CC Value? I’m so confused :frowning: I just want a simple on off on the 6 buttons.

Yes, just program a CC#18 message, with (I’m assuming as its not stated) any value to the same channel as what your amp is set to. This will toggle FX1 On and Off each time it receives that CC message.

yes but it needs a CC number, CC Value and Midi Channel. Is Midi channel 1 for all 6 FX? is 18 the CC number or CC value?

MIDI Channel depends on what channel you set your Diezel VHX to.

CC Number is listed in the manual - CC#18 toggles FX1. 18 is the CC number. Since they didn’t specify any value, you can assume that it will work for any value between 0-127.

thank you. I’ll give it a shot!

The midi channel is the same for all six FX since you define one channel number for the DIEZEL itself!

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