MC6 + Walrus Mako Series - HELP!

I am having trouble getting my CC messages to flow downstream simultaneously… My set-up is: MC6 > D1 > R1 > ML5. They are set to MIDI channels 1 - 2 - 3 - 1 respectively.

If I watch the MIDI log and hit preset A it says the right things are happening.
All three messages are flowing together:

PC6 value 0 (Loop bypass/engage ML5)
CC29 value 0 (Bypass D1)
CC30 value 0 (Bypass R1)

However upon an initial press the ML5 and the D1 react simultaneously, but the R1 is unaffected :frowning: I have to press it again for the R1 to bypass! Surely there is a way to make the Walrus pedals both listen at once! That’s the whole point of MIDI!

What am I missing?

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I’m having similar problems with the R1 not responding on the first press to CC commands

Any updates on this? I am using the MC6 with Walrus R1/D1 MkII/M1 and experiencing similar issues with requiring multiple press/release to get all pedals to presets. Thanks!

Try to put all the PC messages first and followed by CC messages, this works for me