MC6 to HX Stomp, Strymon Timeline and SA Ventris

Hey all!

I have an MC6 on the way and I intend on using it to organize/control a series of banks on my HX stomp. Now my original plan was to have the MC6 control the HX stomps presets, and then trigger my timeline and Ventris via program changes in the HX stomp. Now I’m wondering, could I just send all 3 program changes directly from the MC6?

So, ideally: 3 banks, each bank with 6 presets. Each preset triggers a different HX stomp patch, timeline patch and Ventris patch.

How would you tackle this?

HX STOMP - You can set any of the blocks to be midi controllable and accept a Global Tap Tempo from the MC6.

SA VENTRIS and Strymon Timeline MIDI-wise are kind of the same idea here (USE THE MIDI DICTIONARY IN THE MorningStar Editor).

In the MC6 I have it set up like this:

each of those options brings up a bank with my option of sounds for that “TYPE”

So say I wanted to go with a reverb. I step on Verb and that brings me to my reverb bank, with 5 presets I actually use (not like, that’s in another bank) when ive made a selection the release of that option takes me back to my “home” page that ive described above. The Arrow there will take me to Page two of the homepage effects. A Long Press Release action will take me to Bank 2. In Bank 2 I have a few other dirt options (to change up the SA Aftershock), Tap Tempo, and a FS to switch my Expression pedal from Volume to Expression. I have big hobbit feet so on the MC6 I have a hard time pressing just 1 button in the heat of the moment. Used to switch banks all the time instead of engaging my preset. So I turned off the dual function and use arrows to navigate.

The bypass works like you’d expect, press and you bypass all the effects and go back to my default “clean sound” but if you long press release on the bypass you also engage the tuner of the HXstomp.

You can set the 3 foot switches available to you in the HX stomp to be whatever you’d like them to be rather than keep one as a dedicated tap tempo/tuner switch (leaving you with only 2 fswitches to assign)

NOW YOU COULD use the MC6 to navigate the presets of the HXStomp (you might be better served using a 2button foot switch to navigate banks) but it really comes down to what makes sense to you in your head (MC6 is incredibly customizable so you can really get creative with how you make it function)