MC6 to Echosystem connection

I did not see this, so here goes -

Very new to all of this. I have an MC6 mk2 and the Empress Echosystem. Am I understanding it right that I can go out from one of the EXP (1/4" TRS obviously) to the “control port” on my echosystem for MIDI control? I have the control port configuration set to “MIDI” but I’ve got no communication between the 2. Do I use “MIDI out - Standard” or “tip” or “ring”? I’m sending to the correct MIDI channel (i know that much), but still no luck. What am I missing?

Thanks you

Use MIDI - Tip for the Echosystem. IIRC they receive MIDI on Tip while Ring is used for sending MIDI back, so it should be left floating.

If it still doesn’t work, let me know. I can test it with our Echosystem in office next week.

Awesome, that works. Now can I send MIDI Clock to it, and how?


Actually just figured out how to do that. I’ve been looking for the MIDI clock but in reality it’s just the “quick tap” on the tap footswitch that sets up tempo.

@james would you happen to know if there’s a setting or cable option I’m missing here but I’m trying to send MIDI clock from a Selah Quartz 3 (clock for all my time based effect), while I use the MC6 mk2 to control patches, presets, and basically everything else. I’ve been able to get the MC6 to control everything on Empress but the clock sync from my Quartz through MC6 to Empress. Quartz is using 5pin DIN cable to MC6 MIDI IN and then MIDI OUT to all of my other pedals. I’ve tried both TS and TRS cables and the different combinations for MIDI on the Omni port on MC6 but still no luck with it sending clock to the Empress. Thanks.

For clock messages, the MC6 reads the clock and then set its own clock and starts generating the clock messages. Are you using v3.8? Is the “Ignore MIDI Clock” option turned off in the Controller settings?

HI @james I’ve got clock turned on the MC6. Maybe it’s unrelated, but I am noticing on latest firmware there’s somehow a slowing down of the clock being recognised by my other devices as well: source audio collider and HX stomp. It’s taking longer for them to lock into it after tapping it in, but when reverted back to 3.7.3 firmware it seems fine again.

Yeah, in the v3.7 firmware, the controller passes MIDI Clock through, BUT, the MIDI clock might not be accurate when you execute certain actions on the controller - i.e. the MIDI Clock will drift for a short moment.

In v3.8, we updated the firmware so that the controller reads incoming MIDI clock, determines the tempo, and then generates its own clock. This makes for a more stable MIDI Clock, but there’s some delay between when the MIDI clock changes and when the new tempo is determined. We are looking to further improve on this in future updates.