MC6 + Timeline Changing Preset Noise

Has anyone run into an issue where sending program changes from the MC6 to the Timeline randomly creates what I can only describe as some kind of digital fart noise? Which is then followed by the engaged Timeline preset being seemingly bypassed (though still indicated as engaged on the Timeline judging by LED).

After that… no other presets even work – even when selected/engaged directly on the Timeline – until I power the Timeline off/on. It happens sporadically, but typically at least once a session (hour or so). I feel like I must be doing something stupid to create this scenario.

Are the midi in/out of both devices connected to each other in a loop and is midi thru enabled on both? I’m taking a wild guess that maybe a PC command is being sent and caught in an infinite loop and overloading the Timeline. The noise might be a fast clicking from the commands.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have midi running out of the Timeline to a Tempus, but it doesn’t loop back to the MC6. I’ll keep poking around.