MC6 Tap menu not showing

The MC6 editor now has more options when setting midi clock than in the tutorial video but no matter what combination of settings I try the tempo does not change on my other devices and the tap menu does not change and the tap menu shown in the video does not show either.

I can change the tempo using midi clock ( tapping the preset key ) but this seems unreliable on the MC6 , tapping does not seem responsive and tapping a specific speed other than much slower or much faster does not work well. The resulting tab speed is pretty random.

Action Press, Type Midi clock, Show tap menu yes, Use current BPM setting yes, BPM 60, BPM Decimal 0

this does work though but unreliably as discussed above
Action Press, Type midi clock tap

Is it a bug or I have an issue - running the latest firmware

Hi! Any other actions on other messages in the preset? For example, if another message on that order has a double tap assigned that will cause delays. Have you changed the default switch sensitivity in global settings? That too would affect things I guess?!

I’m testing so it’s on an empty bank and the only command being issued. Yes, already had the issue with the sensitivity being set to 5 - it’s impossible to bank up and down if you do that so it’s set at the default 4 now.

I think you’ll need further help from @james in such case. The only other thing I can think of - try the same commands on a different switch to rule out faulty switch (unlikely). I guess you’re disconnected from the editor when you get this issue? And (probably a stupid point) I find it damn near impossible to tap a tempo in unless my heel is resting on the floor and thus I’m using the bottom row of switches :smile:

I’ll try the same setup on my MC when I get a chance and see what I get….

By different switch you mean A,B,C etc. not another MC6 :slight_smile:
I’ve tried connected to the editor and disconnected as I know some commands like paging don’t work when connected. I agree with tapping in general with it being hard to tap a tempo so I’ll more than likely use a scroll to set the tempo for general use but I need to get all my host devices VL3 GR55 and Beatbuddy to use the same tempo hence I’m trying to get them all to sync to the MIDI clock on the MC6. The beatbuddy is more or less instant, but I do notice that the VL3 takes a few seconds to get up to speed. Currently the only way I can change tempo is tapping and as we just agreed that’s not a good option and ideally for a patch I want to set the tempo directly and probably not change it until I load up the next patch in my setlist.

Can you share a screenshot of the editor showing your preset settings for the MIDI clock? I just tested it and the MIDI clock menu appears.

By latest firmware, do you mean v3.9.7?

To grab the screens shot I decided to do some additional tests as I saw another post saying things started working after a reboot so I tested the same.

I can get it to work but the view does not appear to be the same as described in the tutorial but lets just confirm how I got it to work as it seems a little clunky so may still be a bug.

My setup I have 9v power supply keeping the MC6 powered. When connected to the USB the computer can connect to edit the settings.

  1. I connect the USB and set up the preset using the HOST PC and the online editor
  2. I disconnect the editor in the UI but leave the cable connected - tap menu does not work and hosts not synced
  3. I unplug the USB cable - tap menu does not work and hosts not synced
  4. I unplug the 9v power cable and then restore power - the MC6 reboots
  5. The tap menu now works and the hosts sync to the MIDI clock.

I could understand if the function were disabled when the USB cable is connected to a HOST PC but a hard restart should not be required to get this working should it?

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When you click on Disconnect in the editor, the MC6 should show “Exiting editor mode” or something like that. Does it for your case? As long as the MC6 has “exited editor mode”, the function should work, whether or not it is connected via USB to a computer.

Hi, I’ve reconfigured everything so that the Beatbuddy now send the clock and I’m using the MC6 to configure the tempo on the beat buddy. This required re-cabling everything which took a while so I don;t what it revert it all again.

I can confirm that I do not get a message saying exited editor mode but now the tap menu does show when I disconnect it also shows when I configure the editor to not load the profile. I’m not sure if the way it was all connected was causing an issue but it seems to be working now.

I do think there were some issues with the way it was all connected, I’m relatively new to MIDI. I have 3 MIDI hosts. A VL3 a GR55 and the Beatbuddy. None appeared to pass the MIDI thought the out connector which was whats shown in one of your tutorials. I know from other research that MIDI out should be from the host only and not the merged or thru data from the MIDI in but the ports can often be configured in the host menus. None of my hosts with the exception of the Beatbuddy appear to be able to use the OU for either merge or through. So as the MC6 only has 2 MIDI ports and 2 Oni ports I bought a 1 to 4 Merge and 1 to 4 Merge MIDI box to allow me to do the following:
MC6 OUT to 1 to 4 Thru ( 1 to each of my hosts ).
Out from each host to the 1 to 4 Merge box back to the MC6 IN.

With the MC6 in THRU mode I think there were loops. If I used tap tempo to set the beatbuddy the MIDI would go MC6 OUT - 1->4 BEatbuddy IN - THRU ( or merge ) → MC6 IN - MC6 Out etc. There does not appear to be any code for MIDI to detect messages it’s already seen.

I had to stop the Beatbuddy MIDI out. But my goal was for each host to be able to send to each other so that I could react, mainly on the MC6 to any MIDI message sent from any device. In hind sight I don’t think this is ever going to work as it requires a loop and clearly that’s bad. MIDI was obviously not designed to work that way. I also hoped to be able to control the GR55, VL3 and BB from my PC via the MC6 hence the requirement for the looped config. PC->MC6->host->MC6->PC but as it turns out the GR55 requires sysex which the MC6 won’t pass and the VL3 can only really be controlled fully using the USB interface. So I could have saved a bit of money buying the 4->1 merge box. :slight_smile:

My set up is currently
MC6 → 1->4THRU → BB → MC6
MIDI clock from the BB

This has the advantage I can control MIDI clock from BB directly or remotely using the MC6 and I get a nice BPM display on the BB when I’m doing this.

thanks for all the help so far. Hoping my other posts are paying back for your time