MC6 SHOW BPM? Boss Rc-500

I set my MC6 to" MIDI CLOCK TAP" But I noticed the bpm doesnt show up on the screen, I’m guessing this is because the LCD is only a 2 line display. I’m using it with the Boss Rc-500 and when you set the Boss up to receive external clock the display doesnt show BPM either. Kind of a bummer because Having the MC6 control a tap tempo frees up an “Assign”

Hi. You can get the BPM to show if you use the ‘MIDI Clock’ message type instead of ‘MIDI Clock Tap’. We explained it in this video.

Make sure that you click ‘Disconnect Device’ on the editor before using it or the Tap menu will not show up. In the upcoming firmware 3.9, Live BPM view will be made available on the home screen for the MC3 and MC6 as well. Stay tuned for the update!