MC6 sending non-stop controls to HX Stomp

I’ve only had this device about a month. Have really barely used it’s been a bit of a learning curve. This evening while doing some programming I noticed that when I pressed switch “A” it would go to preset “G” automatically. While trying to troubleshoot this it really started bugging out. I had a few presets programmed to control effects patches in the HX Stomp and now when I press a switch on the MC6 the command is being sent non-stop toggling the patch on and off continuously and very rapidly. Any idea why this may be happening? I’ve also been looking everywhere for a factory reset switch with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated.

Would suggest posting screenshots of the offending presets to allow review

Sounds like there’s a MIDI Loop going on. I’m guessing you have the MC6 MIDI OUT connected to your HX Stomp MIDI IN, and your HX Stomp MIDI OUT back to your MC6 MIDI IN. Also, likely your MIDI Thru on your HX Stomp and MC6 is turned on, so any messages sent from the MC6 will go to the HX Stomp and then it’ll get sent back to the MC6. Since MIDI Thru is turned on in the MC6, it will get sent out again and results in a infinite loop.

Try turning the MIDI Thru OFF on the HX Stomp and MC6 for a start and see how it works for you.

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