MC6 Screw Size?

New user here, just received my MC6 to work with my Boss GT1000-CORE and Eventide H9.
I’m a fan of the Temple Audio pedalboards and prefer to screw the pedals directly to the board if the holes line up. While I like the temple mounting plates getting them off can be a bit of a pain.
Wondering if anyone here knows what size the screws are for the bottom of the MC6?
I know I’d need something longer than the stock screws and I also like to put a washer under the board to spread the load.
Sent this question to the Morningstar folks but figured I’d ask here as well.

Got the answer from James:
The MC6 uses M3 screws. The length is 5mm, so you probably need something longer.
And as it turns out, the holes in the MC6 do not line up with the holes in the Templeboard so I am using mounting plates anyway.