MC6 Relay ports to control Old School Rack Unit

I have a Lexicon Vortex in my rig which while sounding amazing has one of the worst preset changing implementations I can think of.
The only function is a step, so always the next preset! There are 16.
If you’d like the previous one you gotta go around the horn, what were they thinking. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So brains trust, can I get any more than that with the relay port capabilities in the MC6
I’ve had an MC8 for a while and I use all the Omni Ports already and would like to keep that setup.

My thought was along the lines of a series of the step triggers being sent to arrive at the desired location. 4 incrementally triggered steps would get me from Preset 1 to Preset 5 for example.
This might work once from Preset 1 but I can’t see a way of then jumping to a different preset from there.
Maybe I could trigger the required jump around to Preset 1 on exit?
Jump forward 12 steps for example from P5 to P1 before triggering to the new selection?

Is the step trigger sequence even possible?