MC6 Pro wont connect to Neural DSP inside DAW

I just got myself an MC6 Pro and have wanting to use it to control Neural DSP Morgan Amp suite inside of FL Studio. I understand that this is not a common DAW for this kind of product but I still thought it would have support.
The MC6 pro works with FL itself as it registers the MIDI messages and I can see that in the debug menu. However, it seems that these are not being passed along to Neural DSP inside of FL studio as I cannot get that to detect anything.
I currently have it set up using the way I would expect with my MC6 Pro sending CC messages on channel 1 (the only channel I found that recognises MIDI in FL) and with a value of 127. I know the CC number isnt the issue as MIDI learn does not work therefore Neural DSP is recieving no MIDI signals that can control it.
I saw in another thread that ableton cannot recognise CC and positive note values must be used. Admittedly, I have not tried this yet. However, I would much preffer to use CC messages as most programs do if I am able to.
If anyone has any idea of how to get this to work any help would be greately appreciated.
Thank you very much.

I have managed to link it through FL’s multilink system. However, this is FL processing the midi then changing manually changing the paramters. It is more of a work around as I cannot create direct midi mappings or do any value changes (as far as im aware). As well as that, I would like to rule it out as it causes significan lag from press to change that I am very aware of. If there is a way to get the midi signal handled by Neural DSP that would be great.

Update: Fixed by manually setting a matching MIDI port between morninstar and VST then saving that as the default plugin so it always loads on that port. However, MIDI learn does not work.