MC6 Pro with Sysex

Just got my MC6 pro today and wanted to try my hand at the sysex messaging. This is my first Morningstar product, so I figure there will be somewhat of a learning curve being new.

I’m attempting to rpgoram sysex messages and the examples i’m seeing only allow for 3 or 4 parameters max, but i’m seeing up to 18? I have some sysex messages i need to send to my synth. Currently I use bandhelper and i send raw MIDI in hex. For example i’m currently sending these two messages from bandhelper to my synth “F0 41 10 00 00 00 5B 12 01 00 00 13 00 00 01 00 6B F7 F0 41 10 00 00 00 5B 12 02 00 30 00 01 4D F7” to get the desired affect.

If I try breaking this into its two separate messages of “F0 41 10 00 00 00 5B 12 01 00 00 13 00 00 01 00 6B F7” and “F0 41 10 00 00 00 5B 12 02 00 30 00 01 4D F7” in the morningstar editor sysex creator it is generating many more parameters than 3 or 4(as expected). But this does not seem to be work when hooked up to my synth. I’ve added a screenshot of the two sysex messages as i have them in the editor. Not sure what i’m doing wrong here…Thanks for any help!!

One other note, it doesn’t seem like the sysex is being sent across MIDI. I have a MIDI monitor on the bandhelper app and i’m receiving MIDI when sending a PC, but not for the sysex. I’d assume even if the sysex was incorrect, it still would show in the bandhelper MIDI log…

Hi! I have absolutely no experience of SysEx but, in case it’s useful, the editor (Tools menu) has a SysEx builder… did you use that to add your SysEx? If not might be worth a go?

Thanks for the response. I actually did use it to build it and there are 18 available parameters now, so I only ended up needing to build 2 sysex messages, but they don’t seem to be firing over my MIDI cable, so i’m not sure if there’s an option I need to select to get them to send across the MIDI cable to my synth.

Cool. So that means the message should be of correct structure at least I guess (like I say - clueless!).

Assume you’re going from MC 5 pin din out to synth 5 pin din in? The MC’s out is a 7 pin, so any chance the cable is misaligned? Tried another cable? These are all too obvious to be the case, I know :nerd_face:

Good thought on the pin misalignment, but they seem to be all good. I was able to use a MIDI monitor app on my tablet and found that the program changes were detected but nothing involving system exclusive messages. It’s literally almost as if the sysex messages are not being sent. And to take it a step further, I went to the MIDI monitor feature in the app and found that my program change was showing up when pressed under both the show MIDI and show activity data tabs, but when pressing the sysex footswitch preset the sysex was only showing under activity tab and not the MIDI tab.

Seems strange…

The MC6 PRO has 18 parameters per message, as compared to the MC3/6/8 which has only 4. The SysEx message type works by chaining multiple messages together to create a SysEx string, where the first parameter determines the length

I didn’t get what you meant by generating many more parameters. Are you referring to the additional SysEx messages sent by the MC6 PRO? Those are sent while the device is connected to the editor via whichever port the controller is connected to the editor by.

Here’s the output I got on the MIDI Monitor using your SysEx strings.

So I woke up this morning and it worked! I didn’t change anything, but I power cycled everything, so maybe that shook a “bit loose” or something haha not sure. Thanks so much for the help!